It's all about the Improvement!

Improving educational outcomes is at the core of everything we do at Skoolbo. It is our reason for being and we are nothing short of obsessed with it. Skoolbo may look and feel like a game, but every component has the underlying rationale of maximising student improvement. Importantly, Skoolbo is a learning company that uses games as the central medium for learning. It is not a gaming company that simply adds some learning.

“I started using Skoolbo at Christmas not as a teacher but as a mum first. My son (6yrs) loves it.  He loves all the prizes and rewards.  As a teacher and mum I love that I can 'assign' tasks and also see his results.  This term I extended it to use with my Year 3/4 students. The kids love it and are at the envy of other students that have yet to be signed up to it.”

Laura Carter, Room 4, Mosston School, Wanganui

“Since the students were introduced to Skoolbo the interest and motivation around it has been phenomenal. Students from all year levels having been spending time in class and at home engaged with the program and building their knowledge in Numeracy and Literacy. They love the ability to create an avatar and ‘buy’ a variety of things with their well-earned points. The activities are short and sharp, keeping the students interested and on task. The way the program intuitively assigns appropriate content for each student is a real strength. I would recommend Skoolbo to any school and cannot wait to use the components that are still in development.”

Chris Gray , Assistant Head of Junior School,
Townsville Grammar School